SAO Releases Iris v2.1 Beta

We are glad to announce the Iris v2.1 beta release – VO SED Access and Analysis application.

The latest version of Iris includes new, powerful analysis features, like integrating under-fitted model components, a tool for statistically combining groups of SEDs, and the ability to arbitrarily combine template libraries and table models with other libraries, models, and functions. For the full list of new features and known bugs, please refer to the release notes at

You can explore all of Iris’ capabilities with the User Guide at

Helpdesk service is available at the following link: We’re happy to help you out!

To download:
Iris is now downloaded and installed through Conda. Please refer to the new download instructions at to install Iris.

Our plan is to migrate from beta to production in the fall once the science community has had a chance to use Iris and provide feedback. We welcome your comments!