VAO Closeout Repository

As previously reported here, funding for the VAO project will discontinue on October 1, 2014. The project closeout plan included a directive from NSF and NASA to make code and digital assets available to the community.

All of these assets are available in a single online repository located at:

The VAO closeout repository contains all versions of each of our software components and applications, plus all the information needed to build them. Among the tools included are the IRIS SED Builder, the Data Discovery Tool, the Cross-Comparison Tool, and the Time Series Search Tool.Also provided in the repository are software documentation for all VAO-developed tools (including user guides and video tutorials), outreach materials, project reports, and website and communication archives.

The repository will continue to be populated and updated until October 1. The intent is that making the code and documentation available will not only enable future use of these tools but that interested community members will also be able to use them as starting points for future development.