Call for Proposals: Science Collaborations with the Virtual Astronomical Observatory

Proposals due:  1 March 2012

The US Virtual Astronomical Observatory viagra canada (VAO) seeks proposals from the astronomical research community for science collaborations that utilize virtual observatory capabilities or develop novel virtual observatory tools to produce new re-search results.  Proposals may be in any area of astronomy, but projects that benefit from the integration of data in multiple wavelength regions, that involve analysis of time-domain data sets, and/or utilize large databases or data sets are the most germane to the VAO. The VAO cannot directly fund these collaborations, but will provide in-kind support in using and adapting VO technologies in the selected projects.  Such support may include VAO technical staff visiting a research team or covering travel costs for members of a research team to visit a VAO organization.  Ongoing support will be in the form of telecons, e-meetings (e.g. WebEx), a Wiki site, or other online collaborative tools.

If you have a research project or research tool that you think would benefit from easy access to the diverse data archives, catalogs, and databases that are available through the virtual observatory, we would like to hear from you!  We ask that you submit a brief proposal (2-3 pages) describing the project you have in mind and indicating what level of effort you are able to devote to the project.  The VAO Science Council will assist the VAO project in selecting those proposals that are the most complementary to the goals of the VAO and having the highest likelihood of success, either in terms of new science results or new products (advanced data products, software tools) of benefit to the astronomical community.

Please submit proposals to by 1 March 2012. Results will be communicated by e-mail to all applicants by 1 May 2012.

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